Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor

Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor

Arrived on: June 1, 2019

Cubo Ai is a smart baby monitor with artificial intelligence that safeguards babies and toddlers with baby safety features including its design detecting and alerting parents if their little one’s face is covered so that parents can step in to help.

Cubo Ai was co-created with a pediatrician with over 15 years of experience and various experts in artificial intelligence. The baby monitor provides parents peace of mind and their children a better safeguard against potential danger. From the camera’s unique baby-friendly bird design to its exclusive features, the baby monitor was designed to grow with babies through their various development stages and the risks that come with them. The most popular innovative features include:

Proactive Covered Face, Cry-Detection, and Rollover Alert

Danger Zone Alert for both babies and toddlers

Automatic Photo Capture for Baby’s First Moments

In-App Digital Scrapbook

Cubo also has a 1080pHD camera for both daylight and night vision, 18-hour playback, two-way audio, three camera stands to grow with your baby, a night light, and temperature and humidity detection.