Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Cribsie Awards?

The Cribsie Awards are the definitive awards for the parenting industry. The 2021 Cribsie Awards create a secure forum for opinionated parents to elect their favorite brands and services from a curated list of best-of-the-best finalists, across seven categories. Our mission is to recognize the best brands, products, services, and websites for babies, tots, and the parents who adore them.


How does it work?

For the general Cribsie Awards, you nominate, we select finalists, and parents vote for their favorite products across seven categories. The finalists for approximately 50 awards will be selected by the Cribsie selection committee, with consideration given to popularity (number of nominations).


Who is allowed to nominate a brand or product?

A nomination can come from anyone: a parent, a public relations rep, sales reps, a designer, or a manufacturer.


How many times can I vote?

The Cribsies is a secure voting forum, allowing one vote per award per email address.


What is the Cribsie schedule?

The 2021 Cribsie Awards are scheduled as follows: Nominations will take place November 9-27, 2020 (11.59pm Eastern Time). Finalists will be announced December 14, 2020. Public voting will be conducted from January 25 to February 8, 2021 (11:59 Eastern Time). All winners will be announced March 2, 2021.


What is the difference between The Cribsie Awards and the Cribsie New Arrivals?

The general Cribsie Award finalists are chosen by the Cribsie Editors, in collaboration with a selection committee, and then voted on by the public. The New Arrival program is a pay-to-submit program honoring only the best NEW products of 2020, and voted on by the esteemed Cribsie Academy.


The general Cribsie Awards will feature approximately 250-300 finalists across seven categories to be voted on by the public. There will be approximately 50 winners chosen by the public.


The New Arrivals will honor all entrants who qualify for New Arrival status, as evaluated by the Cribsie editors. Academy Stars will be granted to New Arrivals who are rated (by the Cribsie Academy) at least a 3.5 out of 5 across four criteria: innovation, style/design, marketability, and utility.


Can my company be nominated for both awards?

Yes, a brand can be nominated for both awards. We encourage established brands to nominate themselves in the public Cribsie Awards. Entries must have been in the general market for at least part of 2020 and fit into category specifications. New companies and products that came to market in 2020 are encouraged to register for the New Arrival program.


Who is eligible for New Arrival status?

Any product, brand, or service brought to market in the US in 2020 qualifies for entry.


Is there a fee to nominate or enter the Cribsie Awards?

There is no fee to nominate a product for the general Cribsie Awards. There is a fee (between $450-800, depending on the selected package) to submit a product to the Cribsie New Arrival program, and to be judged by the Cribsie Academy.


What is the Cribsie Academy?

The Cribsie Academy comprises top-in-their-field industry professionals—editors, tastemakers, industry experts, digital and social media influencers, and celebrities—who bring a respected level of expertise to the evaluation process. We are honored to include each member’s opinions in what is shaping up to be a highly coveted award program within the baby industry.


What do winners get?

Cribsie Finalists and Winners have an unparalleled opportunity to promote their respective entries. There is tremendous recognition, prestige and public relations opportunity associated with being selected by the Cribsie Awards and the Academy.


All finalists, runners up, and winners for both the general Cribsies and the New Arrivals will be featured prominently on the Cribsie Awards website, promoted through the email and social media channels of the hosts, and will be given complimentary use of the Cribsie badges on their sites, marketing materials and packaging.