Nested Bean Zen One

Nested Bean Zen One

Arrived on: October 28, 2019

The Zen One is the world’s first lightly weighted, fully customizable swaddle, designed to adapt to any baby’s natural and changing sleep preferences. In the first six months of life, babies develop incredibly quickly, and so do their sleep patterns. They need sleepwear that works with their bodies’ natural startle reflex to ensure they can sleep comfortably and safely.

The Zen One introduces thoughtful features that make it feel as if it was specifically designed for your baby. Perfect for ages 0-6 months, the Zen One is the only swaddle parents will ever need, from when their babies are born to when they begin rolling over. The innovative design features Nested Bean’s signature gently weighted Cuddle Pads™ on the center and sides to mimic a parent’s gentle touch, which has been proven to help them sleep better and longer in just 1-3 nights. With an inner secure band, removable mesh sleeves, and 2-way zipper, Zen One offers every swaddling option, without being overly complicated. The Zen One removes the guesswork from swaddling your baby, so you don’t have to keep buying to keep up. Features include:

Gently weighted Cuddle Pads on the chest and sides for continuous comfort
Removable mesh sleeves for varied swaddling
Mesh fabric gives extra stretch and breathability while maintaining restriction to combat startle reflex
Band to either secure baby’s arms or to wrap around their belly for arms free swaddling
2-way zipper for easy night-time diaper changes