Splash About Splash Jammers

Splash About Splash Jammers

Arrived on: November 1, 2017

Designed for potty training toddlers, innovative leak-proof Splash Jammers uniquely bridge the gap from swim diaper to swimwear. Transitioning to underwear then reverting to wearing a swim diaper in the pool can feel like a backward step, and provide mixed messages to your child. However, statistics show that newly toilet trained toddlers are the biggest cause of fecal accidents in the pool. To address this issue and facilitate potty training, Splash About, in consultation with both swim schools and parents, created its Splash Jammer to act like a swim diaper without looking like one.

Incorporating the technical design of the Happy Nappy, Splash Jammers are made from super soft neoprene and are innovatively designed with a scoop back and, higher rear tapered waist to prevent gaping over the spine curve.

Using specialized pressure fabric, Splash Jammers provide a comfortable, but secure fit; the longer leg design is edged with internal bands of silicone for an effective seal on the thigh, and the unique fitted but flexible gusset moves as the child moves but crucially remains secure, providing the ultimate security against fecal pool accidents—however boisterous the water play.

Splash Jammers are reusable and designed to be worn without a disposable swim diaper underneath, making them cost-effective and environmentally friendly. They provide UPF50+ sun protection both in and out of water, so are great for the pool at home or on vacation. They’re easy to care for, and dry quickly, too.