Baby deedee sleep nest travel

Baby deedee sleep nest travel

Arrived on: February 15, 2019

The innovative design of the Baby deedee sleep nest travel allows for effortless transport: from naptime at home, to camping, to the stroller on the go. Its buckle-through design is the perfect to place baby in the stroller.
No need to wake baby up, simply pull the stroller buckle through the slit, secure your child in the stroller three-point harness and zip up the sleep nest.

Completely removable sleeves allow your baby to remain comfortable in all environments. Snaps at the shoulder ensure a hassle-free way to place your baby inside, or take them out while keeping them snoozing peacefully.

Our warmest option yet: made from premium, ultra-lightweight duvet material, your child will be enveloped in this luxurious cocoon. With a TOG rating of 3.5, this product is the perfect solution to those who need extra warmth—whether in the house or when traveling.