Kolcraft 1-2-3 Ready-to-Grow Entertainer

Kolcraft 1-2-3 Ready-to-Grow Entertainer

Arrived on: February 1, 2018

This 3-in-1 activity center features three stages of development levels, so your child will have plenty of activities and developmental fun from infancy through toddler years. The Ready-to-Grow Entertainer offers three modes of play:
Stage 1 (4-12 months) Seated Entertainer with a variety of developmental toys, light-up book/piano and 360 degree access to toys; Stage 2 (12-24 months) Activity Table with Shape Sorter and advanced learning modes of the book/piano; and Stage 3 (24-36 months) Magnetic Art Easel can be placed on the table, or used away from the table for on-the-go fun.

The Play & Learn Piano has 3 learning modes, in both English & Spanish, so that you can adjust the learning fun as baby gets older – 1) Lights & Sounds, 2) Music & Poems, and 3) Find & Touch.

12+ activities keep baby busy, including textured, moving toys for extended play time, the Play & Learn Piano, and two toy loops so you can accessorize the activity center with baby’s favorite toy, a spinning owl, tumbling caterpillar, and a crinkling, rotating flower with a reflective mirrored center.